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Community Solar

Developing Access to Clean Energy for All

Localizing and simplifying access to clean energy for rural communities

Community-based solar projects elevate economic opportunities through the creation of local jobs, tax revenues, and positive environmental impacts. Community solar helps companies meet their sustainability goals and can contribute to achieving national climate goals.

Developing projects across the nation

Community Solar offers access to clean energy and savings to all residents, even if you don’t own your own home or have the right-sized roof. Nearly half of the fifty states in the country have passed legislation that supports community solar, facilitates construction and creates economic opportunities through tax revenue and new jobs.

Benefits of Community Solar

Economic Diversification
Economic Diversification
Savings on electricity bills
Clean energy attracts businesses
Jobs will be created during construction
Renewable Energy Solutions
Protecting Nature
Solar allows the land to rest after continuous years of farming or harvesting activity
Innovative and environmentally friendly land use
Soil health prioritized with native ground cover establishment underneath solar panels
Renewable Energy Solutions
Energy Access for All
Actualize corporate ESG initiatives to reduce carbon emissions
Global and national climate goals can be closer to being achieved

How Does Community Solar Work?

become a solar farmer
Our solar development team is committed to connecting your community to solar, answering your questions, and giving all residents a voice. The electricity that powers your homes and businesses can come from a renewable source, even if you can’t put up the panels on your own roofs. 

This is community solar: an off-site small-scale solar farm that generates clean energy for small communities, multi-family homes, apartments, and more. Once online, the electricity generated by these farms is credited to subscribers as savings on their monthly utility bills.

Small Arrays for Small Communities

Across the eastern coast of the United States, our community solar farms provide rural areas and low-and moderate-income residents the opportunity to participate in the clean energy economy, benefitting from its savings and other benefits. 

Our community solar arrays reside on about 20 to 50 acres of land, allowing us to keep our landowner partnership small and intimate. Only one or two landowners per project are the typical requirements.
become a solar farmer
become a solar farmer
Projects can take between one to two years from initial start to finalization, with every step of the process involving close communication with local communities, governments, landowners, investors, and business owners.

The ESA solar development team collaborates with community leaders in order to ensures a smooth process from start to finish.

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