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Utility Scale Solar

Large Solar Arrays for the Electric Grid

Powering Communities with Clean Energy

Our team has installed 3 gigawatts total of utility scale solar throughout the U.S. We can work in a variety of partnership models and structure projects development agreements in both distributed-scale and transmission-scale markets. The largest solar farms offer the most effective alternative power to traditional coal power plants, so we partner with utilities to facilitate the sourcing of electricity for entire cities and make the switch to clean energy.

Serving Landowners

Landowners have an incredible opportunity to make money off their property by joining the clean energy sector. Landowners maintain ownership, and we will pay you to have a solar farm built on your land. 

Grid Scale solar farms can range in size, from 500 acres to 3,000 acres. Our landowner partnership agreements can include between 10 and 100 landowners per solar farm project.
Serving Landowners
Solar For Landowners

Collaborating with Investors

Our most ambitious and impactful projects require the most resources and expenditures. We’ve been fortunate to have the support of various investors with the desire to fund thousands of megawatts of grid-scale solar farms across the United States.

Investors play a key role in maintaining the momentum of these large projects, as their timelines can range from four to six years from conception to finalization stages.

Grid Scale Services

Market Analysis
Site Evaluation
Direct Marketing Landowners
Landowner Relationship Management
Contract Negotiations for Land Leases, Purchase Agreements and Easements
Title Work
Stakeholder Engagement, Community Meetings and Educational Outreach
Management of Planning and Zoning Processes
Coordination of Surveyors, Consultants and Engineering
Property Tax Abatements and Economic Development
In-house Single Line Diagrams and Preparation of Interconnection Application
Interconnection Feasibility and Analysis

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Your future deserves to be powered by clean energy. Connect with our team and we will guide you through the clearest and most effective path to solar.

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