Property owners have the unique opportunity to turn any unused land into a revenue-generating asset to provide predictable income for up to 25 years. Your land can become a fully functional solar power plant that can provide clean, renewable energy to thousands of homes and businesses in your local community.


Land Evaluation

Our process begins by evaluating open land within proximity to any existing utility infrastructure, electric substations and high voltage power lines. While each parcel of land is independently evaluated, we generally look for between 20 to 50 acres of flat, dry land.

Contracts & Agreements

After our team has selected a parcel of land, we'll draft a land purchase and sale agreement or a long-term lease agreement for up to 30 years. We work directly with landowners to develop leasing agreements and pricing models based on land value, utility infrastructure and market incentives.

Engineering & Permitting

Our team of engineers will provide site layouts, solar resource data and electrical diagrams to design the solar power plant. We'll manage the preparation and submittal of state, county, and/or city permits applicable to the zoning and construction of a utility scale solar power plant.


After all applicable permits have been issued, we'll begin the preliminary environmental engineering and civil engineering to prepare the site for construction. We'll then build the solar power plant and obtain final interconnection approval to the local electric grid.

Operation & Maintenance

The final solar power system will operate for 25 years and generate clean energy for thousands of homes, businesses and organizations in your community. We'll also provide operations and maintenance services to monitor and troubleshoot any potential issues that arise.


After the system has operated for the entirety of the term, we'll initiate the decommissioning process to de-energize the system and deconstruct the power plant. We'll then return the land to its original state and also ensure it is environmentally safe.


To qualify for our solar land leasing program, your land should be located near high voltage three-phase power lines and electric substations. We look for land with no wetlands, that is relatively flat and unshaded by trees or buildings. If you own more than 50 acres of land that fit this description, contact us to find out how much you can earn today!