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Electrifying The Automotive Industry

Saving money for your business with cutting-edge technology
Up to 70% of upfront investment covered by tax credits and accelerated depreciation.
Average reduction in electric bill.
0 years
Average dealer payback period.
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Future Proof Your Business

Our team of solar experts work with auto dealer principals nationwide to evaluate solar potential and generate instant feedback on where solar can make the greatest impact. 

Through our electrification as a service (EaaS) model, your dealership will receive a full solar feasibility analysis to identify your financial return and develop a roadmap for solar + EV implementation.
  • Analyze dealership locations for incentives
  • Review 12 months of historical electric bills
  • Generate highest value solar installation options
  • Present solar feasibility study

Case Study

System Size
730 kW
System Type
Completion Date
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Chevrolet Auto Dealer
This Chevrolet dealership in Clearwater, FL partnered with ESA to meet the current energy needs, as well as planning for future energy use from charging upcoming new electric vehicles. By adding 729.96 kW of solar panels, Chevrolet was able to reduce their total electric bill by 84% generating over $3 million in electric bill savings over the next 25 years. This project will generate a 16% IRR, paying the dealership back in just under 6 years.
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Innovative Clean Energy Tech Reducing Dealership Costs

The race to electrifying the automotive industry is well on the way.

With major OEMs committing to production of new electric vehicles units, auto dealerships are forecasting increased energy needs to meet the demand of charging EV inventory in dealership lots. 

As dealers report electric rate increases as high as 20% across the United States, dealer principals are exploring solar energy to freeze inflation while simultaneously reducing tax liability through solar investment tax credits. 

By analyzing solar potential across your locations, our team of experts will transform unused rooftops and parking lots to reduce operating costs at scale.
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Your future deserves to be powered by clean energy. Connect with our team and we will guide you through the clearest and most effective path to solar.

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