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A growing trend in the automobile industry is to operate more sustainably as many auto manufacturers plan to exclusively offer electric vehicles by 2035. The desire for solar installation for auto dealerships makes sense for given that energy is often one of the Top 10 highest overhead expenditures. On average, auto dealerships use 18% more energy than typical office buildings, according to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA).

Here in Florida, we’ve provided solar to cities and counties as well as Advent Health, Window World and Duke Energy.

Solar Installation Auto Dealers
18% More Energy
consumed by auto dealerships than a typical office building
$2B In Energy Costs
faced by the auto dealership industry annually

Solar Solutions for Auto Dealerships

Increasing your bottom line with reliable energy savings.

Save Money

Offset your Auto Dealerships energy costs and possibly save over the life of the solar system.

Tax Incentives

Purchasing the system will yield the biggest financial return over the long run with an Investment Tax Credit (ITC).

Plan Ahead

Prepare for increased energy usage with the transition of major OEMs to electric vehicles over the 5 years.

Case Studies

System Size
450 kW
System Type
Completion Date
Project Title
Since auto dealerships usually devote a large amount of square footage to parking lots for their fleets, many who go solar opt for a solar carport system. A solar carport doubles as an electric vehicle charging station and provides added overhead protection from the elements. This type of installation generates approximately $350 per parking space of electric bill savings per year.

Another option, which can be utilized in addition to solar carports or instead of carports, is the more traditional solar rooftop system. It's an easy-to-install choice that generates approximately $2.85/per square foot of electric bill savings annually.

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Looking for residential solar? Check out SunPower by esaSolar.

Residential Solar
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