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Solar For Business

On-Site Distributed Energy Solutions 

Transform Your Enterprise

With On-Site Commercial And Industrial Solar Installations.

Activate Savings and Sustainability

Embrace clean energy adoption with tailored solutions designed for forward-thinking businesses.

Maximize Your Bottom Line

A solar investment is great for both the planet and your profits. Slash your energy expenses and watch your ROI soar.

Elevate Your Brand

Reduce your carbon footprint, take action towards your business's sustainability strategy, and gaining a competitive edge.

Make the Smart Choice Simple

Choosing to go solar shouldn't be complicated. We take the complexity out of evaluating solar for your business. 
Our experts break down the numbers with a comprehensive approach and guide you through the process, making your transition to clean energy straightforward and sensible.
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Technology Solutions

As the most well-known and versatile option, solar panels via roof mounts provide quality energy production with fast integration.

With minimal disruption to your daily business, rooftop arrays can meet all of your solar energy projects goals - from maximizing your IRR to maximizing the NPV of your investment.


Ground-mounted solar systems are more flexible and can generate more energy than rooftop systems, saving your business money.

However, they require amble open flat land exposed to direct sunlight, which may make them more difficult to develop.

GRound Mounts

Solar carports are rapidly growing technology that utilizes parking lots and other unused areas to generate solar energy. 

Though more expensive than rooftop installations, solar carports are being utilized nationwide as a preferred technology option due to their dual purpose of providing energy and shade for vehicles.


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We customize solar solutions for key industries with a tailored approach that reduces energy costs and carbon footprints, enhances property value, and serves as a smart, sustainable investment for the future community solar front.
Auto Dealerships
Cold Storage
Real Estate

Get Your Questions Answered

Going solar greatly benefits businesses, whether meeting sustainability goals or boosting profits. 
Here are some of ESA's most frequent business solar questions over the past decade.
Why should I spend my time or money on solar right now?

There are usually three primary reasons organizations choose to invest in solar:

  • Financial benefit
  • Positive environmental impact
  • Brand elevation

If your business strategy aligns with any or all these reasons, solar may be right for your company.

How will my bottom line improve by adding solar?

Most companies focus on the financial benefits of solar. While solar may not be the right choice for everyone, many companies will see a significant increase in their bottom line, primarily with their utility bills. Here’s how:

  • Lowering electricity rates with a power purchase agreement (PPA)

  • Generating free electricity with a leased or purchased solar system

  • Reducing utility demand charges with energy storage

Why should I go solar now instead of waiting for prices to drop or for solar technology to improve?

There are a few reasons why going solar sooner makes a lot of sense and can save you more money in the long run:

  • Favorable policies and tax incentives may not last.

  • The Inflation Reduction Act offers tax credits of up to 30% for energy efficiency improvements and solar installations.

  • A commercial solar system can turn utility bills into a fixed cost and protect against rising electricity prices.

  • Solar plus storage gives facilities managers 24/7 control over energy usage and keeps power on during outages and weather events.

  • Solar technology is constantly advancing, so you can expect to see even more efficient solar systems in the future.

If solar is so popular, why don't all the privately owned commercial and industrial facilities and businesses install it?
  • Many companies have gone solar to save money. Others may not know all the benefits or think they need to buy a system outright. There are other financing options, such as leasing or a PPA.

  • In other cases, some businesses may think their only option is to purchase a solar system outright and don’t know there are other financing options (such as leasing or entering a PPA). As a result, business owners may believe they need to raise capital first or secure a loan.

Download The Inflation Reduction Act Fact Sheet

Inflation Reduction Act Fact Sheet

Solar Energy For Your Business Starts Here

With over a decade of experience, ESA's diverse portfolio spans a variety of project types of all sizes and industries. Our team will provide all the details and answer all the questions you have about taking your business into the future with clean energy. 

Start your solar journey here. Submit the form below to connect with our commercial and industrial development team.

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Your future deserves to be powered by clean energy. Connect with our team and we will guide you through the clearest and most effective path to solar.

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