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Sport Subaru: Solar For Auto Dealerships

Project Brief

In a mission to align with their commitment towards sustainability and reducing carbon footprint, Sport Subaru, a member of the Don Mealey Auto Group, partnered with ESA to establish a state-of-the-art 395-kW rooftop solar project at their new dealership in Orlando. This pioneering project was not just about leveraging the benefits of solar power for this dealership alone but served as a pilot scheme for the future electrification of all Don Mealey Group Auto Dealerships. The overarching aim is a multi-dealership strategy with clean energy technology at its core.

System Details

System Location: Orlando, Florida
Total System Size: 395 kW
Installation Type: Rooftop


  • An average of 60% reduction in annual electricity costs.
  • Projected payback period of approximately 6 years.
  • Transitioning to solar power helps substantially decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The solar array powers EV charging stations, promoting sustainable and cost-effective services for customers.
  • Serves as a pilot project for future electrification efforts across all Don Mealey Group Auto Dealerships.
  • Aligns with Sport Subaru's commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon footprint.


Sport Subaru Partners with ESA
Sport Subaru Partners with ESA

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