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Explore the types of solar installations

Custom Energy Solutions

Solar installations offer flexibility and can be adapted to individual needs, whether considering space availability, specific electricity requirements, or property types. 

Different technologies and installation options provide a range of choices. Embracing solar energy isn't just an investment in clean energy; it's an opportunity to reduce energy bills, increase property value, and decrease your carbon footprint. 

With various customization options, solar solutions are more than a smart financial decision; they're a responsible choice for our environment and future generations.

Rooftop Solar

Known as the most common commercial solar option, rooftop solar system produce quality solar energy and are extremely versatile.  With fast integration and minimal disruption to your daily business.  Maximize your internal rate of return (IRR) and new present value (NPV).

Carport Solar

Solar carports use unused spaces like parking lots to generate energy when rooftop options aren't viable. More costly than rooftops, they're popular nationwide, offering shade for vehicles and ideal for large lots and auto dealers.

Ground Mount Solar

Ground Mount Solar provides flexibility for optimal angles, enhancing energy efficiency. It uses more space than rooftops but can host more panels, leading to more savings. Ideal for large commercial sites, it's easy to maintain without rooftop access.

EV Chargers

EV charger choice depends on fleet size, location, and budget. Options range from Level 1 (overnight charging) to Level 2 (full charge in hours) for workplace use, to Level 3 (80% charge in 30 mins), with costs and suitability varying

Floating Solar

Floating solar installations on lakes or ponds save scarce land space and can be more cost-effective than ground mounts. They boost panel efficiency and help reduce water evaporation and algae growth.

Battery Storage

Battery storage technology enhances solar farms' efficiency and reliability, cutting costs. By storing excess energy, it helps reduce carbon footprints, avoid fossil fuels, and lessen greenhouse gas emissions.

Ready to Get Started?

Your future deserves to be powered by clean energy. Connect with our team and we will guide you through the clearest and most effective path to solar.

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