Solar Farmer

As a property owner, you have the opportunity to turn your unused land into a revenue generating asset to provide predictable income for up to 25 years. As a Solar Farmer, your land becomes a fully functional solar power plant to provide clean renewable energy to thousands of homes and businesses in your community. Find out about our solar land leasing program and get in contact with our team to learn more today.

How it Works

Land Evaluation

Our process begins by evaluating open land within proximity to existing utility infrastructure, electric substations and high voltage power lines. While each parcel of land is independently evaluated, in general we look for between twenty and fifty acres of flat, dry land.

Contracts & Agreements

After our team has selected a parcel of land, we will offer a land purchase & sale agreement or a long-term lease agreement up to thirty years. We work directly with landowners to develop leasing agreements and pricing models based off of land value, utility infrastructure and market incentives.

Engineering & Permitting

We employ a team of engineers that provide site layouts, solar resource data and electrical diagrams to design a solar power plant. We manage the preparation and submittal of state, county, and/or city permits applicable to the zoning and construction of a utility scale solar power plant.


After we have been issued all applicable permits, we begin the preliminary environmental engineering and civil engineering to prepare the site for construction. We then build the solar power plant and obtain final interconnection approval to the local electric grid.

Operation & Maintenance

The final solar power system will operate for 25 years providing renewable energy to power thousands of homes in your community. Our company also provides operations and maintenance services to monitor and trouble shoot any potential issues that arise over a 25 year period.


After the system has operated for the entirety of the term. We initiate the decommissioning process to de-energize the system and deconstruct the power plant. We then return the land to its original state and ensure the land is environmentally safe.

Power the Future


Passive Income
Energy Security
Earn passive income by leasing your unused land for 25 years of stable and predictable income.
Rest easy knowing your land will be used to produce sustainable solar energy, offsetting thousands of tons of carbon dioxide and pollution.
Ever wonder where your energy comes from? Bring a safe and clean energy power plant to your community to produce power locally.
Forget conventional farming, desertification, pesticides and irrigation; solar helps to preserve the natural quality of your land while protecting the land and adding native vegetation.

How to Qualify

To qualify for our solar land leasing program, your land should be close to high voltage three-phase power lines and electric substations. We look for land with no wetlands, that is relatively flat and unshaded by trees or buildings. If you own more than fifty acres of land that fit this description, contact us below to find out how much you can earn today.

Frequently Asked Questions

The solar power we generate will be sold directly to the local electricity provider. With that being said, the power will remain in the area where it’s generated, meaning local homes and businesses will be partially powered by locally produced clean energy.

ESA Renewables is responsible for all the costs associated with the assessment, development, property taxes, construction costs, ongoing operation and maintenance costs, and deconstruction costs. Once the end of the lease has been reached, we will be responsible for removing all the equipment and solar panels from the solar farm and return the site to its original condition.

Our local and experienced team of professionals at ESA Renewables will be responsible for obtaining permits and paying for any of the associated fees.

No. While the solar farm will produce a consistent, quiet hum during the day when producing solar power, the sound will not be heard outside the perimeter of the site. Furthermore, at night, there will be no noises.

Solar farms, by nature of their design, have a low profile, and ESA Renewables will make a concerted effort in partnership with the County’s guidance to incorporate a vegetation buffer largely conceals the site from neighboring properties.

We follow local, state and national fire code safety standards to ensure that there is no increased risk of fire with the solar farm and associated equipment.

ESA Renewables prioritizes the environment in our business operations. As a result, we purchase equipment that is made of nontoxic materials and pose no hazard to your environment. In general, solar panels are a safe technology (largely made of glass, sand and aluminum) that produces electricity without creating toxic or greenhouse gas emissions.

ESA Renewables will remove all the equipment, fencing and inverters when the solar project reaches the end of its life. The land can then be utilized for agriculture, real estate development or other purposes.

The development of a solar farm depends upon many factors, including the site characteristics and the local jurisdiction’s application and approvals process. Once approvals are in place, construction of the solar farm could take three to four months, depending on the size of the solar farm. From signing the land lease to the construction completion date, we anticipate anywhere from 6 to 18 months.

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