Adding solar to your home is about more than saving money with clean energy from the sun

SunPower Home Solar Warranty Protects Your Investment

SunPower Home Solar Warranty Protects Your Investment

Adding solar to your home is about more than saving money with clean energy from the sun. It means you’re making an important home improvement that you trust will benefit you and your family for decades.

So wouldn’t you want to protect that valuable investment by ensuring that it’s backed by the best possible warranty?

When you’re shopping for home solar panels, don’t make the mistake of assuming all solar companies or all solar warranties are alike.

Do your homework by learning about the solar technology that each company is supplying. Then, make sure you choose a company that stands behind its products over the long haul by offering a comprehensive solar warranty.

When customers ask us how SunPower solar stands above the rest, we explain it like this: SunPower designed and engineered all the parts of its Equinox home solar system to seamlessly work together to deliver more power over time more reliably. That’s why we confidently offer a 25-year all-in-one power and product warranty that’s considered the best in the industry.

Other companies piece together the components of their home solar systems from multiple manufacturers who may offer four separate warranties for items such as monitoring, racking, panels or inverters.

This means that you — the customer —  are responsible for dealing with those separate warranties, which may be in effect for varying lengths of time, from different companies you’ve never heard of.

To add insult to injury: Some of those warranties even make the buyer pay for the cost of shipping back a defective panel.

Comparing Home Solar Warranties

Let’s compare the SunPower 25-year home solar warranty to one from a conventional solar company. SunPower’s warranty:

  • Covers performance, labor, parts and shipping, if needed.
  • Will guarantee DC power degradation of only 8 percent compared to some companies that allow for a 19 percent power decline.
  • Guarantees 90 percent peak AC power output.
  • No hidden service fees.
  • No receipts or written claims required.
  • Covers rust damage that might occur in seaside installations.

Warranties from other solar companies are only for 10 years. They do not include any of the above coverage benefits and may leave you:

  • Paying to package and ship defective panels.
  • Being asked to present the original physical proof of purchase.
  • Paying to replace panels damaged from rust.

If you’d like to learn more about solar warranties, the SunPower by esaSolar experts will be happy to explain the details and prepare a free solar quote. 

For more information, call us at 407-329-5487 or contact us for a free solar quote.