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Ready to save on solar and protect your home from future blackouts, power outages and more?

For a limited time, you'll get a $750 VISA Reward Card rebate when you purchase a SunPower Equinox® system. There’s even more ways to save when you include the additional 26% federal tax credit on qualifying purchases!

You'll start saving on your electric bills on Day 1, plus enjoy $0 down for qualified loan and lease customers.

Claim your rebate in four easy steps

  1. Go to once your system is installed
  2. Enter your rebate code
  3. Add required information and documentation
  4. We’ll take it from there and get your VISA Reward Card on its way

SunPower SunVault

Take complete control of your energy use with SunPower Equinox® + SunVault™ Storage: the only home solar + storage solution designed by one company.

Backup Essentials

When the power goes out, SunVault™ Storage can provide seamless backup to power your essential appliances - such as keeping select lights on or running your refrigerator.

Reduce Peak-Time Charges

Intelligent software shifts when you draw power from the grid, maximizing use of solar

Charge with Solar

As your SunPower Equinox® system produces energy, it sends what you’re not using to SunVault™ Storage and/or sells it back to the grid.

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esaSolar was exceptional. I evaluated a number of solar providers and chose esaSolar because of their product and company. The SunPower product is the highest rated panels in the business and all the components of the system are from SunPower. On top of that esaSolar has a very professional team to handle the entire process. In the end I got top quality products and services for about the same price as all the other quotes. esaSolar knows the business and exceeds expectations.

Mike W.

I'm a proud owner!

Project went smooth and the panels/solution is top notch. System was sized perfectly based on our usage. Clean install - system has performed very well for the last year!

Mark R.

Amazing Service!

I am very satisfied with my overall experience with Sun Power by esaSolar from start to finish. They provide top performance energy professionals who are well educated on the product and how it would better suite my needs based on my personal electric usage. I would not settle for any other solar company out there. Five stars and I highly recommend esaSolar to anyone who is new to solar and wants a quality experience!

Zoe K.