Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight Javier Latre

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we shine a spotlight on one of esaSolar’s owners, Javier Latre Gorbe.

Javier was born in the port city of Valencia, Spain. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in process manufacturing management.

According to the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC)‘s 2020 annual Solar Jobs Census, 20 percent of solar jobs nationwide are filled by Hispanic or Latinos.

In a field where only such a small percentage of solar workers nationwide are Latino or Hispanic, Javier Latre Gorbe walks an even less paved road of an even smaller percentage of Latino or Hispanics that own their own private solar business.

Despite the pandemic and other natural barriers of being an immigrant, Javier’s company has reported the highest three-year revenue growth during that period. esaSolar ranked number three on the Orlando Business Journal’s Elite 50 with a 359.5% growth over three years.

“I am proud to be carving a path for other Hispanics and Latinos in the solar field,” said Javier Latre Gorbe. “It’s really amazing to see the growth of Hispanics and Latinos in the solar workforce jump from the previous 17 percent to now 20 percent.”

It’s known that Hispanics and Latinos face disproportionate impacts of environmental injustice. However, with a huge impact on the local economy, revenue, and staff growth Javier’s company will continue to support its community’s transition to clean and renewable energy as well as continue to support the local economy.

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated every year, the 15 of September throughout the 15 of October.