Carport Systems

Superior Performance, Value and Design.

Provide Covered Parking

Enjoy the simple luxury of shaded parking, shielding their vehicles from heat, snow, ice and rain. Add-ons such as EV charging stations and integrated lighting offer them even more value.

Leverage Unused Space

Utilize parking lots, parking garages and other unused open areas to generate solar energy.

Make a Statement

Strengthen your brand reputation by putting your solar initiatives on display to customers, employees and the general public.

Carport Systems

Case Study - St. Petersburg Pier

Parking Lot Solar Carport

Solar carport structures are a rapidly growing technology to utilize parking lots, parking garages and other unused open areas to generate solar energy when rooftop solar is not a viable option. While solar carports are more expensive than rooftop, carports are being adopted nationwide as a preferred solar technology option.


Garage Top Carport

The SunPower® garage top carport installs quickly on both new and existing parking garages, scaling to fit your unique structure while maintaining the ideal southern exposure—regardless of garage orientation.


Long Span Carport

Solar carports enable new revenue opportunities from space you’re already using. By covering two parallel parking rows and an internal drive aisle with a single contiguous canopy, the long span carport maximizes system capacity in space-constrained areas.

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