Operations and Maintenance

One Provider for All Your Solar Assets & Services

Performance Engineering & Analytics

Our engineering team supports field services by utilizing state-of-the-art monitoring to produce customized alarms for each project to clear the way for rapid issue response.

PVSim, SunPower’s proprietary solar simulation software, takes weather data from satellites and meteorological stations to optimize your system performance in real time. The goal is to give customers full insight into their plant’s performance.


Affordable Cleaning Services

To allow for rapid response to soiling issues, our cost-effective robotic cleaning services can clean your solar panels up to 20x faster than manual methods. Robots are deployed at night to minimize energy impact generation and need very little water to operate effectively, which makes them an ideal solution for projects with limited water access.


Unrivaled Field & Safety Training

Our safety standards are the result of decades of experience designing, building and maintaining solar installations around the globe. All on-site employees participate in required safety training and technical certification programs. Our extensive program also collects safety trends from all projects to share with esaSolar's personnel, owners and subcontractors.


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