St. Petersburg Pier

St. Petersburg, Florida

System Details

Total System Size

435 kW

Installation Type

T Type Carport

Year Completed


System Location

St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg Pier

In 2018, SunPower by esaSolar was selected as the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction subcontractor to a major utility in Florida to construct a 434.7 kW single tilt carport canopy at the Pelican parking lot on the St. Petersburg Pier.

This solar project is a part of a greater scope to renovate the St. Petersburg Pier and revitalize the community with the new restaurants, shops, and vendors. The project is a cooperative effort between the City of St. Petersburg, Skanska Construction, RBI and esaSolar.

As the primary EPC, esaSolar worked directly with RBI to manage the carport design and construction as well as coordinating with the Utility and the City of St. Petersburg to meet an aggressive construction schedule.

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