Satellite Beach City Hall

Satellite Beach, Florida

System Details

System Location

Satellite Beach, Florida

Total System Size

83 kW

Installation Type

Ballasted Rooftop

Year Completed


Satellite Beach City Hall

SunPower by esaSolar was selected to provide EPC services to the City of Satellite Beach to install an 83 kW solar array at the City Hall building. The City Hall solar array provides renewable energy that is expected to yield approximately 121,556 kWh of energy in a year, saving more than $247,955 over the next 25 years .

This project was commissioned in September of 2018 and consists of 232 SunPower Panels. The solar array features a fully ballasted SunPower Helix system, that features zero roof penetrations and is designed to meet 170 mph wind loads.

SunPower by esaSolar donated a tv monitor that displays solar production and energy data in the lobby of City Hall. This allows citizens to see the reliability and simplicity of solar energy in real time, providing education and transparency to the project.

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