OUC Gardenia

Orlando, Florida

System Details

System Location

Orlando, Florida

Total System Size

420 kW

Installation Type

T Type Carport

Year Completed


OUC Gardenia

This 420 kW solar carport is located at OUC’s Gardenia facility in Orlando. This T Type canopy provides shaded parking to approximately 125 parking spaces throughout the 2.5 acres of the parking area of the campus. As a community solar farm, this project was the first of its kind in Florida in 2014.

Subscriptions to the community solar farm sold out in less than a week after OUC offered its customers the opportunity to purchase blocks of solar power from the array. Subscribers receive credit on their electricity bills for their share of the solar farm’s production. The Gardenia solar project has 39 OUC subscribers, and while initially they paid a slight premium for their electricity rates, the rate is guaranteed for 25 years.

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