System Details

Location: Orlando, FL
System Size: 850 kW
System Type: Garage Carport

The Largest Solar Project for a Healthcare Organization in Orlando. AdventHealth Orlando, a local hospital campus, is a faith-based non-profit, research, and academic medical center located in Orlando, Florida. The organization is the region’s largest academic university-level teaching center and the oldest Seventh-day Adventist Hospital in the state. SunPower by esaSolar was selected to design and install a solar system that would continue to enhance the company’s environmental sustainability goals and be a major step toward utilizing clean, renewable energy at the campus.

The facility is now powered by an 850-kW solar carport with panels that sit on top of the McRae parking garage. The project, which also includes 32 electric vehicle charging stations for visitors and provides extra shade, will save the organization more than $4.6 million in energy costs over time while it energizes important systems within the campus. The project is the largest solar project within the city of Orlando and future plans are in the works to install similar solar projects at other AdventHealth facilities in the Central Florida area.

System Details

Total System Size: 526 kW
Installation Type: Rooftop & Ground
Year Completed: 2020

Kreamer Feed Inc., located in Kreamer, PA, is a local, family-owned agricultural feed brand established in 1947 that offers organic, non-medicated, Non-GMO Project Verified products in bagged and bulk quantities. As a company that takes pride in offering a line of organic products, the idea of operating more sustainably with clean, reliable solar power was appealing. Kreamer Feed selected SunPower by esaSolar to design and install 526kW of SunPower solar to reduce the increasing electricity costs associated with running its on-site mill and warehousing operations.

The rooftop and ground solar arrays are expected to save an estimated $3.5 million on electricity costs over time. The 1,333 solar panels will meet 60% of the company’s annual electricity needs, allowing Kreamer to recoup its system costs in less than six years.

The project also allowed the company to take advantage of the Federal Investment Tax Credit, which allows eligible businesses to go solar and apply 26% of the cost of the system as a tax credit. The 26% commercial ITC will be available through 2022 and is scheduled to be reduced in 2020.

System Details

System Location: Orlando, Florida
Total System Size: 420 kWo
Installation Type: Carport
Year Completed: 2014
OUC Gardeniao

This 420 kW solar carport is located at OUC’s Gardenia facility in Orlando. This T Type canopy provides shaded parking to approximately 125 parking spaces throughout the 2.5 acres of the parking area of the campus. As a community solar farm, this project was the first of its kind in Florida in 2014.

Subscriptions to the community solar farm sold out in less than a week after OUC offered its customers the opportunity to purchase blocks of solar power from the array. Subscribers receive credit on their electricity bills for their share of the solar farm’s production. The Gardenia solar project has 39 OUC subscribers, and while initially, they paid a slight premium for their electricity rates, the rate is guaranteed for 25 years.

System Details

System Location: Satellite Beach, Florida
Total System Size: 83 kW
Installation Type: Ballasted Rooftop
Year Completed: 2018

Satellite Beach City Hallo SunPower by esaSolar was selected to provide EPC services to the City of Satellite Beach to install an 83-kW solar array at the City Hall building. The City Hall solar array provides renewable energy that is expected to yield approximately 121,556 kWh of energy in a year, saving more than $247,955 over the next 25 years. This project was commissioned in September of 2018 and consists of 232 SunPower Panels. The solar array features a fully ballasted SunPower Helix system, that features zero roof penetrations and is designed to meet 170 mph wind loads. SunPower by esaSolar donated a tv monitor that displays solar production and energy data in the lobby of City Hall. This allows citizens to see the reliability and simplicity of solar energy in real-time, providing education and transparency to the project.

System Details

Total System Size: 435 kW
Installation Type: Carport
Year Completed: 2019
System Location: St. Petersburg, Florida

In 2018, SunPower by esaSolar was selected as the Engineering, Procurement,
and Construction subcontractor to a major utility in Florida to construct a 434.7
kW single tilt carport canopy at the Pelican parking lot on the St. Petersburg

This solar project is a part of greater scope to renovate the St. Petersburg Pier
and revitalize the community with new restaurants, shops, and vendors. The
project is a cooperative effort between the City of St. Petersburg, Skanska
Construction, RBI and esaSolar.

As the primary EPC, esaSolar worked directly with RBI to manage the carport
design and construction as well as coordinating with the Utility and the City of
St. Petersburg to meet an aggressive construction schedule.

System Details

Location: Orlando, FL
Total System Size: 417 kW
Installation Type: Ballasted Rooftop
Year Completed: 2014

The project was secured through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Orlando Utilities Commission through an RFP process. This array is on the City of Orlando Fleet Maintenance Building, which manages the City’s vehicle fleet maintenance issues. ESA provided engineering, procurement, and construction services for this 417-kWballasted rooftop array. The system consists of 1,392 PV solar modules and is divided into three separate rooftop arrays. The city will be saving approximately $800,000 in energy costs over the life of the project. This project also hosted a unique work along event with the City of Orlando’s Mayor, Buddy Dyer. Dyer participated in working along-side ESA to get a firsthand look at solar energy applications and the installation process.

System Details

Location: Gainesville, Florida
Total System Size: 1.7 MW
Installation Type: Garage/Carport Canopies
Year Completed: 2015

Malcom Randall Medical Center. ESA was selected to design multiple photovoltaic power-generating systems for the Malcolm Randall VA Medical Center in Gainesville, Florida. This project installed two carports, one conventional rooftop, and one parking garage canopy to the existing infrastructure at the medical center. The construction of this project was managed with careful consideration to accommodate the operations of the facility. Much of the work was completed on weekends and beyond conventional scheduling to meet project deadlines and to allow the medical center to remain fully operational. This project utilized a unique design that featured a hybrid rooftop system consisting of a ballasted racking system with manufacturer-approved attachments.

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