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The answer to a simple all-in-one home solar solution is here. The Power package eliminates the need for a roof cluttered with clunky solar panel configurations and careless retrofitting. Designed with your home, your roof and your life in mind, the X22-360-C-AC features an unparalleled combination of high efficiency, high reliability, and module-level DC-to-AC power conversion technology by SUNPOWER. The Power package transforms your roof into an energy investment, to minimize roof space and maximize year-round energy production.

Package Includes

  • High Powered SunPower 360 W ac Modules
  • Factory Integrated Microinverter systems
  • Low profile aesthetic mounting hardware
  • Solar Production & Home Energy Consumption Monitoring
  • 25 Year Complete Confidence® Warranty

*The estimated savings above are not guaranteed and may not represent your actual experience. Savings vary depending upon a number of factors including location, equipment used, system size, system orientation, shading, applicable utility rates and rate structure, as well as your eligibility for rebates, incentives, and net-metering. Pricing rate assumes 5,000 Watt solar photovoltaic system financed through excusive dealer loan programs including all costs of design, permitting, procurement and installation. Savings estimates assume approximately 14,400 kWh of energy consumption annually at a power purchase rate of 0.11 cents per kWh of energy consumed.
Product Description

  • Nominal Power3 (Pnom): 360 W
  • Solar Cells: 96 Monocrystalline Maxeon® Gen II
  • Front Glass: High-transmission tempered glass with anti-reflective coating
  • Environmental Rating: Outdoor rated
  • Frame: Class 1 black anodized (highest AAMA rating)
  • Weight 45.5 lbs (20.6 kg)
  • Backsheet: White


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Est. Monthly Electric Savings: $62 /mo
Est. Monthly Electric Savings: $86 /mo
Est. Monthly Electric Savings: $110 /mo
Est. Monthly Electric Savings: $132 /mo
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